Microarray Coatings

MCP-2, MCP-4  (copoly-DMA-MAPS-NAS) are used to coat glass, silicon, or other hydroxylated surfaces for microarray applications. Please visit our Technologies page for more details.

We also offer other derivatives of MCP-2 with different functionalities based on customers coating application needs.  Please contact our customer service.


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Model: MCP-1
MCP-1 - Supplied in a vacuum-sealed,10mL amber vial as a lyophilized product.  Total product we..
MCP-2 kit
Model: MCP2-KIT
Complete KIT contains 50x solution of MCP-2 in DMF + Coat-On™ Coating Solution (diluent) +..
MCP-2F kit (fluorinated)
Model: MCP2F-KIT
Complete KIT contains 50x solution of MCP-2F in DMF + Coat-On™ Coating Solution (diluent) + &nb..
MCP-4 kit
Model: MCP4-KIT
Complete KIT contains 50x solution of MCP-4 in DMF + Coat-On™ Coating Solution (diluent) +..