PreCoated Slides

Slides precoated with MCP-2 or MCP-2F, a polymer option with partially fluorinated backbone for smaller spot morphology.

Users purchasing precoated slides should consider the following reagents:

  • Spot-OnTM  buffer: A diluent for materials to be attached to substrates coated with MCP-2 or MCP-2F.
  • Block-OnTM  buffer: An optimized blocking buffer designed to minimize non-specific background binding to MCP-2 or MCP-2F coated substrates.


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MCP-2 coated slides
Model: MCP2-S
Ready to use high-quality, glass slides coated with MCP-2.  ..
MCP-2 coated slides, custom
Model: MCP2-CS
MCP-2 coating application onto a customer supplied substrate. Assumes dimensions of 25x75mm eac..